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Behind the schemes

How I became an Entrepreneur

So many people think it's easy. That you were born with this special genetic makeup & the next thing you know you are on shark tank & then BOOM... you're in business. It is not a matter of some people have it and some people don't. It has everything to do with the fact that some people want it & most people won't. 

On March 23rd, 2018 I was fired from my job at a commercial furniture dealership in Milwaukee, WI. Not just any job to me, but my 4th job in 5 years since I had graduated with an Interior Architecture degree from UW Stevens Point. On paper? I was a mess. I was pursuing something that I was starting to believe in my heart just wasn't meant to be. Maybe I should have went into nursing or accounting or biomedical engineering or something that would just pay the bills. I thought that if I was going to work for the rest of my life I mind as well do something that I enjoyed but every career opportunity led me down a short & promising dead end road. 

Enough was enough. I had left jobs that I felt were holding me back to go to jobs that would over promise & under deliver. I was put in circumstances where I had to travel 70% of the time or work for someone who didn't respect my education or experience. What was the point? I wasn't enjoying the work I had set out to do in the world & I had become a slave to my desk pumping out projects one after another just to make the time go by as fast as possible. 

I know exactly what your thinking.... behind the screen everything looks like rainbows & butterflies but you've got it all wrong. Think of social media as a highlight reel, a place where you see everyones best of the best all wrapped up in a pretty little filter, cropped & edited just right to make everyone believe that you've got it all together. That is why I created "behind the schemes", to shed light on the fact that being an entrepreneur is HARD. It takes the hardest work, lots of tears, TONS of wine, and a million mistakes. If I posted everytime I cried in the shower or how many times I wanted to throw in the towel you'd be SHOOK.

But then I remember something that I've heard in my heart for so long... I was created to do this work. My life was never meant to be easy because the best things in life never are. When I look back at all of the hardships I've faced head on, I realize that I am the best version of myself because of the fact that this show was never on the rails. I want you all to know something... I love what I do but even more I love who I've become. My goal is to wake up every morning and be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. Because growth only happens when you throw yourself outside of your comfort zone.

March 23rd could have been the worst day of my life if I would've let it. It could have sprialed me into depression and years of anxiety thinking I am not good enough to do this work. That I am not strong enough to handle whatever hand I'd been dealt. But that's not my story. I knew in my heart I was made for something so much more. When I share my journey of how I got to where I am today, I am so stinking proud of myself for not taking the easy road.

I will never forget this day... March 23rd was the day I defied the default & decided to design a life that I loved. One that I would use to empower other women to do the same. I look back at the girl who sat in that stuffy conference room choking back tears as I faced the walk of shame & the fear of not knowing what was to come. I look at her in complete awe because even in that moment, she believed in herself more than ever. I am so grateful for the fire that started in my heart that day & the fierceness in my stride as I walked out the door. I decided that from that day forward, I was never going to fit the mold of "corporate america". I was going to ditch the idea of "fitting in" for the idea of trailblazing a new path for creatives to follow. 

I absolutely cannot believe where this incredible journey has taken me and even though it is not always easy know this: it is SOOO worth it. Cheers to my first year in the books as an Entrepreneur, stay tuned for more "behind the schemes" action from yours truly & always remember, you too were made for more. XO Jess

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