What is Your Design Style? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

Your home is your canvas, a reflection of your personality and taste. Finding the perfect interior design style transforms your space into a haven of comfort and relaxation. Whether you vibe with a sleek and modern aesthetic, dance to the eclectic mix of Bohemian charm, savor the timeless elegance of traditional design, ride the coastal serenity wave, or soak in the warm embrace of rustic elements – this quiz is your passport to uncovering your unique design aesthetic. Let the design exploration begin, because YOUR personal style match is just a few questions away!

Question 1:
How would you describe your ideal color palette for a living room?
a. Clean and neutral tones like whites, grays, and blacks.
b. Vibrant and bold colors like reds, yellows, and purples.
c. Classic and timeless colors such as deep blues and rich burgundies.
d. Soft and soothing colors like blues, whites, and sandy tones.
e. Warm and earthy tones like browns, greens, and rusty reds.

Question 2:
What kind of furniture appeals to you the most?
a. Sleek and minimalist furniture with clean lines.
b. A mix of vintage and unique pieces from different eras.
c. Timeless and elegant furniture with intricate details.
d. Comfortable and casual furniture with a laid-back vibe.
e. Sturdy and natural-looking furniture with a rustic charm.

Question 3:
Choose a flooring option that suits your taste:
a. Polished concrete or hardwood floors.
b. A mix of colorful rugs and patterned tiles.
c. Classic hardwood floors with intricate patterns.
d. Light-colored hardwood or beachy-inspired flooring.
e. Distressed or reclaimed wood flooring.

Question 4:
What decorative elements do you prefer in a room?
a. Minimalistic decor with a focus on functionality.
b. An eclectic mix of art, patterns, and global influences.
c. Antique and ornate decor pieces with historical significance.
d. Nautical or beach-themed decor elements.
e. Cozy and worn-in decor items with a rustic touch.

Question 5:
How do you envision your bedroom?
a. A clean and uncluttered space with modern furnishings.
b. A cozy and vibrant space with mixed patterns and textures.
c. A refined and elegant space with classic furniture and decor.
d. A tranquil retreat with beach-inspired colors and textures.
e. A warm and inviting space with natural materials and textures.

Question 6:
Which lighting style do you prefer for your home?
a. Sleek and modern fixtures with clean lines.
b. Eclectic and unique light fixtures with personality.
c. Traditional chandeliers and elegant sconces.
d. Soft and natural lighting inspired by coastal vibes.
e. Warm and rustic lighting with natural materials.

Question 7:
Select your preferred window treatment:
a. Simple and streamlined blinds or shades.
b. Layered curtains with various patterns and textures.
c. Classic drapes with intricate details and tiebacks.
d. Light and airy curtains that let in lots of natural light.
e. Rustic shutters or simple curtains with a farmhouse feel.

Question 8:
What’s your preferred wall art style?
a. Abstract and modern artwork.
b. A gallery wall with a mix of styles and mediums.
c. Traditional oil paintings or framed family portraits.
d. Beach or nature-inspired artwork.
e. DIY or rustic wall decor made from reclaimed materials.

Question 9:
Choose a kitchen style that resonates with you:
a. Sleek and modern with clean lines and high-tech appliances.
b. A mix of vintage and colorful kitchenware.
c. Classic and elegant with detailed cabinetry and fixtures.
d. Light and airy with coastal or beach-inspired elements.
e. Warm and inviting with natural wood and open shelving.

Question 10:
How do you like to incorporate plants into your home?
a. Minimalistic with a few carefully placed succulents.
b. A variety of plants in colorful and mismatched pots.
c. Classic potted plants like ferns or orchids.
d. Coastal-inspired plants like palms or sea grass.
e. Rustic planters with hearty, farmhouse-style plants.

Question 11:
Select a preferred bed style:
a. Platform bed with clean lines and no headboard.
b. Antique or unique bed frame with character.
c. Four-poster or canopy bed with elegant details.
d. Coastal or beach-inspired bed with a light frame.
e. Rustic wooden bed frame with a farmhouse feel.

Question 12:
Which fabric do you prefer for upholstery and textiles?
a. Smooth and sleek leather or faux leather.
b. A mix of textures like velvet, faux fur, and woven fabrics.
c. Classic and luxurious fabrics like silk or damask.
d. Light and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton.
e. Natural and textured fabrics like burlap or canvas.

Scoring: Which Design Style Suits You?

Contemporary (Mostly a’s): Sleek Simplicity! 🌟
Welcome to the world of contemporary design, where clean lines and functionality take center stage. Picture a space with sleek furniture, neutral palettes, and modern fixtures. It’s not just design; it’s a celebration of the latest trends and cutting-edge technology. Embrace the fresh and uncluttered look that defines contemporary style—your home, a canvas of sleek simplicity!

Eclectic/Bohemian (Mostly b’s): Boho Bliss! 🌈
You’re all about the eclectic and bohemian vibes! Your space is a canvas of various styles, textures, and patterns, blending vintage and modern elements effortlessly. It’s not just a mix; it’s a celebration of individuality and creativity. Embrace the bold colors, global influences, and an array of art and decor that make your home uniquely vibrant—welcome to boho bliss!

Traditional (Mostly c’s): Timeless Elegance! 🕰️
Step into the world of timeless elegance with traditional design. Your space is a classic masterpiece, featuring ornate detailing and rich color palettes. It’s not just a design choice; it’s a journey through history, creating a sophisticated and refined atmosphere. Embrace the elegance that comes with traditional design—your home, a timeless work of art!

Coastal (Mostly d’s): Beachy Serenity! 🏖️
Ahoy! Your design heart beats with coastal serenity. Picture light blues, whites, and sandy tones creating a breezy oasis. It’s not just a style; it’s a coastal escape that captures the relaxed feel of seaside living. Embrace the casual and comfortable furniture, nautical accents, and refreshing environment—welcome to your beachy haven!

Rustic (Mostly e’s): Cozy Warmth! 🏡
You’re all about rustic charm and cozy warmth! Your space embraces natural and earthy elements, featuring reclaimed wood and a color palette inspired by nature. It’s not just a design; it’s a cozy retreat with sturdy furniture and DIY decor that adds a touch of nostalgia. Embrace the warmth that comes with rustic design—your home, a haven of comfort and character!

Congratulations on completing the quiz! Your unique design preferences have unveiled a style that resonates with your personality. Whether it be a relaxed boho vibe, a flair for the traditional, a sleek and modern appeal, coastal serenity, or the warmth of rustic elements, your design journey is ready to take flight. Armed with insight, you are now equipped to infuse your space with a style that’s as unique and vibrant as you are. Are you building a new home and need the help of an interior designer? Are you thinking about redesigning your space and don’t know where to start? Maybe you own a property and want to transform it into a profitable AIRBNB. Jess Kern, designer and interior architect with Interior Vision Design Studio will bring your style and vision to life! Designing your dream home shouldn’t be a nightmare. Visit interiorvisionllc.com to learn more.

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