9 Bankable Ways to Make More Money with Your AIRBNB

Hi! I’m Jess Kern, the Interior Architect + Designer behind Interior Vision Design Studio, serving clients up and down the picturesque coastal Carolinas. With a passion for creating spaces that resonate with comfort and style, I’m sharing my expert insights on how you can maximize your Airbnb’s earning potential. From pet-friendly spaces to smart home features, here are my top nine bankable ways to elevate your Airbnb game.

  1. Make Your Rental Pet Friendly:
    Statistics show that pet-friendly listings have a higher booking rate—according to Airbnb, pet-friendly stays receive 15% more bookings than those that don’t allow pets.

    – Highlight local parks, walking trails, and pet-friendly beaches in your listing.
    – If you have a large yard, be sure to highlight that in your listing.
    – Consider adding a fence to your yard so pets can roam freely.
    – Don’t forget about cats! More and more families are traveling with their kitty companions these days.
  1. Add Comfortable Amenities:
    According to Airbnb’s internal data, listings with more than 10 amenities tend to book 20% more often than those with fewer amenities.

    – Invest in high-quality towels and linens for a luxurious feel.
    – Provide guests with fresh-smelling soaps, shampoos and other toiletries.
    – Ensure the cleanliness of your listing. Lack of cleanliness is one of the most common complaints hosts receive. Add a cleaning fee and service to make sure your listing is sparkling for each new guest.
  1. Invest in the Kitchen:
    Studies from Airbnb have shown that listings with well-equipped kitchens receive more positive reviews and higher overall ratings. High reviews and ratings = more bookings!

    – Purchase chef-quality cookware and devices to enhance the cooking experience.
    – Highlight local farmers’ markets or specialty grocery stores in your welcome guide.
    – Stock your listing with local ingredients and supplies such as spices, fresh honey, locally-roasted coffee and even local wines to give guests a good start on their culinary needs.
  1. Provide a Home Office Space:
    Airbnb’s Work Collection report indicates that listings with a home office setup have seen a 12% increase in bookings since the rise of remote work.

    – Convert a bonus room or extra bedroom into a dedicated work space with a comfortable desk and chair.
    – Offer high-speed internet and Wi-Fi (this is also great for streaming and entertainment).
  1. Create an Outdoor Communal Space:
    Airbnb’s data reveals that properties with attractive outdoor spaces are 20% more likely to be booked compared to those without.

    – Install an outdoor kitchen, BBQ, patio furniture or a relaxing jacuzzi.
    – Showcase any communal outdoor spaces on your listing descriptions such as patios, decks or even space for family-friendly yard games.
  1. Make Your Listing Family Friendly:
    Airbnb’s Family Travel Report indicates that family-friendly listings receive, on average, 28% more bookings than those not catering to families. There are 250,000 family-friendly listings in the US.

    – Provide baby gates, a high chair and a crib for families with young children.
    – Include kid-friendly attraction recommendations, activities or games in your welcome package.
    – Baby proof the home with switch covers and other basic child safety measures.
  1. Make Their Stay a Unique Experience:
    According to Airbnb’s Global Trends Report, listings offering a unique or one-of-a-kind experience have a 20% higher chance of getting booked.

    – Use design and decor to tell a story about the local culture or history.
    – Consider themed rooms or unique artistic elements in your interior design strategy.
    – Use special touches to create a unique space that makes your listing stand out from the crowd.
  1. Offer Local Recommendations:
    Airbnb’s data shows that guests are 60% more likely to book a listing with personalized recommendations for local experiences.

    – Create a comprehensive guide to local shopping, dining, and cafes.
    – Partner with local businesses for exclusive discounts or promotions.
    – Provide coupon books, flyers and guidebooks to local adventures and attractions.
  1. Make it Smart:
    A study by Rentals United suggests that properties with smart home features can command a 30% higher nightly rate, attracting tech-savvy guests willing to pay a premium for convenience. And approximately 60% of Airbnb users are millennials – a group that values technology and innovation.

    – Add smart home features like voice-controlled lighting and temperature control.
    – Equip your Airbnb with Smart TVs featuring voice-controlled remotes.

By implementing as many of my top nine bankable ways to make more money with your Airbnb, you’ll be able to provide your guests with a truly unique and comfortable experience. Not only will you have happier guests, but it will also increase your chances of receiving positive reviews. Positive reviews lead to more bookings and more money in your pocket. So, get creative, add some unique and special touches and watch your Airbnb listing rise above the rest. Of course, if you need help transforming your Airbnb into a one-of-a-kind listing that brings in bank, I’m happy to help!

Here’s to success!