What’s Your Coastal Home Style? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Whether you’re investing in a beachfront retreat or considering a move to the coastal regions of North or South Carolina, discovering your ideal home style is the first step to building a custom home. Take this quiz to uncover which coastal architectural style best suits your preferences and lifestyle!

What do you value most in a home?
a) Timeless elegance and classic design
b) Casual comfort and laid-back charm
c) Modern aesthetics and innovative features
d) A blend of tradition and innovation

How do you envision spending your leisure time?
a) Relaxing on a spacious veranda with a cold glass of sweet tea
b) Taking long walks along the beach and enjoying outdoor gatherings with friends
c) Hosting stylish dinner parties in a sleek, open-concept living space
d) Embracing the eclectic spirit of coastal living with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities

What architectural feature appeals to you the most?
a) Symmetrical fa├žades and grand entryways
b) Broad, sweeping porches and outdoor living spaces
c) Expansive windows and minimalist design elements
d) Raised foundations and wrap-around porches

Which landscape inspires you the most?
a) Historic streets lined with majestic oak trees and colonial-style homes
b) Sandy shores dotted with cozy cottages and beach bungalows
c) Modern waterfront developments with sleek, contemporary residences
d) Picturesque coastal towns with a mix of architectural styles and scenic vistas

What colors do you envision for your home’s exterior?
a) Neutral tones such as white, gray, or beige
b) Vibrant hues like turquoise, coral, or sunny yellow
c) Clean lines and a minimalist palette of white, black, and gray
d) Soft pastels or earthy tones that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings

Now, let’s tally up your answers:

If you answered mostly a):
Your coastal home style preference is likely Colonial Revival! You appreciate timeless elegance and classic design elements, making you a perfect match for this iconic architectural style.

If you answered mostly b):
You’re drawn to the cozy comfort and laid-back charm of Cottage Style or Beach Bungalow homes. With their relaxed atmosphere and outdoor living spaces, these styles are sure to complement your lifestyle.

If you answered mostly c):
Your ideal coastal home style is likely Contemporary Coastal! You have a taste for modern aesthetics and innovative features, making you a perfect fit for this sleek and stylish architectural style.

If you answered mostly d):
Your preferences lean towards the eclectic charm of Tidewater homes! With their blend of tradition and innovation, these homes offer a unique mix of architectural elements that reflect your diverse tastes and lifestyle.

No matter your results, Coastal North and South Carolina offer a diverse array of architectural styles to suit every taste and preference. Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance, laid-back charm, modern design, or a blend of styles, I would love the opportunity to work with you and your builder to make your dream home come to life. Let’s schedule a call and turn your vision into a reality.