Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

When people consider hiring an interior design professional for the first time, they often don’t know what to expect. You have been watching home remodeling shows for years & genuinely enjoy accessorizing your space, but when you decide to build your dream home there is much more involved then what you see on TV. Why spend the extra money when only you have a vision for what you are trying to create? Here is my shameless guide on how to determine if you need additional design assistance & what to look for when searching for the perfect match.

Reason #1: Protect Your Investment

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or building your dream home, chances are you have not done it before. Whatever profession you are in currently ask yourself this question: Would I hire someone who has never done my job before with my entire life savings? Unless you are a risk junkie, the answer was probably a big fat no. Interior Designers have the experience to be able to safely guide you through the design process while showing you what disasters to avoid & what products are worth splurging on. Protect your investment by hiring an expert.

Reason #2: Collaboration Is Key

A common misconception I hear about hiring an interior designer is that whomever you hire will take over your project & make it their own. You want your house to feel like you, so naturally you would feel that the only way to make this possible is to do it all on your own. But when you hire a designer, their goal is not to design a space for themselves… it is to aid you in bringing your unique vision to life. Don’t worry about getting pushed out of the process! Any good designer will be psyched that you want to be involved & will thrive on the collaboration between creatives that your natural eye will provide. Plus, having an outsider’s perspective could create a space more magical than you imagined possible.

Reason #3: Stop Wasting Time

Many new homeowners jump right into the deep end of making architectural selections they know nothing about. They are sent to the tile shop to pick out a backsplash, the flooring manufacturer to pick out engineered planks & the cabinet maker to solidify their kitchen elevations. Each piece of the puzzle looks beautiful individually, but how will it look when they piece it all together? More importantly, do the selections you fell in love with fit within your budget? Think of your designer as a master project manager. They are there to help guide you through cost effective solutions that fit both your style & price point. They will hold true to the original concept you are looking to create all while giving you piece of mind that your selections are cohesive & fit your overall budget. Having to constantly make reselections will only muddy the water, when you hire an interior designer they will help alleviate any concerns you have regarding cost & performance, all while making sure the time you spend picking initial selections is well spent.

So there you have it! Three simple reasons why you should consider hiring an interior designer for your next big project. Don’t forget to interview your designer prior to signed contract just to make sure you are the perfect fit & you will be on your way to converting your dream home into a reality in no time.

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