I Don’t Want More Followers, I Want More Leaders.

In today’s world, it is harder than ever to find authentic human connection. So many of us are too busy staring down at our phones to notice life going on around us. We talk tough behind the screen, but our actions are non-existent. Meanwhile depression & anxiety cases skyrocket nationwide as our circles of connection get smaller and smaller. What used to be common forms of mutual respect are now opt outs in today’s society. Making eye contact, shaking hands, sharing tables, giving up your seat for someone in need, holding doors open & passing out compliments seem to be a thing of the past. But this slippery road down which we are headed does not lead to the promised land. The intentionality we are lacking is causing us to fall into living life on a default setting, which in turn is causing us to blame the things we have come to believe are no longer in our control.

As we enter another election year, I often see & hear people being criticized for not exercising their right to vote. Just like we are fighting for equality today, we once fought for the right to elect our commander-in-chief. We the people… meaning all of us. Every immigrant who fought for their lives to get to the greatest country on earth to create a better life for their family. No matter what race, gender, or religious belief… the “American Dream” was ours for the taking. If this still holds true, why aren’t we seeing the numbers reflected in the ballots? What happened to our overall representation?

The problem is not getting people to go out and vote, the problem is having no one to vote for. With so many people living their lives on autopilot, we forget the importance of standing up for what’s right beyond the passive like/share of a post or online donation. We need more leaders with passion to speak their minds, use their platform for the greater good & create innovation in the advancement of today’s world. So many of us want change, but very few are willing to step up & create it. We need people who are willing to redefine leadership in a way that is simply impossible to not get behind, that will motivate & inspire voters of all ages to not only show up but also take action.

We need to be better humans. We need people who are willing to fight against injustice like our ancestor’s once did. We need more stories of heroism instead of statistics of violence & hate. We need more vulnerability to be able to first look in the mirror before we criticize the people around us. We need more commitment to educate ourselves in the issues we are creating with our own ignorance. We need to stop avoiding situations that make us uncomfortable and use them to propel us forward. We need more trailblazers, creators, movers & shakers. Just like anyone with a platform should use it to create positive influence, we must use our privilege to create positive change. I do not create this content because I want to have more followers on Instagram. I do it because I want to inspire others to step into their true calling in hopes that they too become a leader someday & encourage others to do the same.

If you have made it this far, I want you to know something. You were put on this planet to do great things. Not only were you given a unique set of gifts, but you were also given a community that ONLY YOU can serve. My challenge for you is to step up, take massive action & start before you feel ready. Become the leader you were designed to be & that our world so desperately needs. Let’s take this time to transform our limiting beliefs in order to become better & stronger, together.

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  1. Janie says:

    You are a phenomenal writer !! This piece needs to be seen by more people than are looking on your site ! Post this wherever you can including sending it to a newspaper ! Don’t let this just go to waste !! It is inspiring by far to say the least !!!! Let it out there for more people to see !